A message from our Supervisor candidates

Dear Neighbor,

With more than 55 years of combined experience living in Northampton Township, we care about our township community. We are not career politicians. We are community members just like you.

We chose to make Northampton Township our home. We’ve raised our families here, sending all our children through Council Rock schools, and engaged in all manner of community activities. Just like you.

Now, on November 5th, we need your help to become Northampton Township supervisors.

You may know one or both of us from church, the supermarket, the community center, the YMCA, the PTO, sport teams, orchestra or scouting. Or maybe just from Friday night pizza with neighbors, a soccer or softball game, or one of the many other student activities or volunteer groups in our community.

We have been out knocking doors as well. So maybe we’ve already met. If we haven’t met yet, we hope to soon.

We are listening to our neighbors, and we share your concerns:

  • A 33.8% tax increase and an astounding $38.5 Million borrowed in the last 4 years alone.
  • Large unexplained increases in water and sewer charges.
  • Unanswered questions on water quality.
  • Roads in poor condition.
  • Empty storefronts that challenge local businesses.
  • Our seniors struggle with increases, while our younger people live with parents or grandparents to  make ends meet.

We believe these things should not be happening in our Township, and that:

  • Fresh eyes and broad experience promote better ideas.
  • The people serving as our supervisors and approving Township budget expenditures shouldn’t be at the same time be on the receiving end of our tax money, whether in business or in other positions.
  • Town contracts should be competitively bid, fair, and do the most good for the people that live in our community.
  • The best person for a township job is the most qualified — and not reserved for “friends” or as a reward for pay to play or a quid pro quo.

If elected we will hold the line on taxes, look for smarter ways to use our tax dollars and community resources, and creative solutions to existing issues. We believe local government should work for you – for all of us – and that together we can make Northampton Township an even better place to live.


Ann Marie Mitchell                         Rick Sorensen