A new four year term has started in June for all Committee persons and officers of the Northampton Township Democratic Committee.

-Thanks to those who have become committee persons for the new four year term. We still have openings in some slots in Districts 2, 6 ,9,13,15,17,18. Please let me know if you yourself are interested in becoming a committee person or know somebody who may be interested.

-These are the results of the election, of officers, held at the June meeting.

1) Chair; Vijay Khanna
Overall management of the organization
        -Manages all aspects of Northampton Municipal campaigns.
        -Handles election day lunch and dinner
        -Works with the scholarship coordinator
        -Works with the poll coverage coordinator
        -Works with the Signs coordinator
        -Works with the ‘campaign letter mailings’ coordinator

2) Vice Chair; Bud Johnson
Fund Raising , Manages PAC (Friends of Northampton Taxpayers)

3 )Vice Chair;  Kristin Nielsen
Develops and implements outreach strategy ; Organizes all events (this will include annual dinner)

4) Vice Chair; Lisa Procz
Develops and manages all digtal media for the committee; coordinates with out reach strategy; Identifies and invites speakers at meetings and events

5) Treasurer; Mayur Mehta
Manages NTDC account;  Files all financial reports required by the board of elections

6) Recording Secretary; Open
Keeps minutes of monthly meetings

In addition to the elected positions we will have the following;

 A) Sub Committees :
1) Outreach 2) Online and Social Media  3)Events and 4) Fundraising. These subcommittees will be  headed by the appropriate Vice Chairs.

B) Coordinators:
-Scholarship coordinator; Paul Lang
-Poll Coverage coordinator; Greg Hill
-Election Signs coordinator (will work with the chair as part of the campaigns); Steve Markowitz
– Campaign letter mailings coordinator ( will work with the chair as part of the campaigns): Position open

Please help us make the committee the best it can be. We need your involvement with the various  activities. Please let me know if you can help with any of the above areas.